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An initiative of healthcare professionals

“Worried about your Child?” takes parents by the hand through the healthcare landscape. In this time of crisis, it is comforting and important to be able to quickly find an expert to spar with about your child’s (medical) problems. We are here for you and your child, right now. Through us you will come into contact with healthcare professionals [link specialisten] who are not (or only partially) on the front lines of corona care. These specialists have the time, knowledge and skills to help you and are eager to make a contribution during this crisis.

This initiative is made possible in part by:   Logo 3 rgb def within the scheme ‘Creative solutions for tackling coronavirus (COVID-19)’. ZonMw stimulates health research and healthcare innovation. The Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and the Dutch Research Council (NWO) are ZonMw’s principal customers.

“Worried about your Child?” is an initiative of the following healthcare professionals:

Dr. Saskia Bouma, kinderarts

Pediatrician Dr. Saskia Bouma

Dr.  Saskia Bouma is a pediatrician with extensive experience in the full breadth of pediatric medicine.  She specializes in overweight children, and puberty problems in children. She has her own practice in Amsterdam. Saskia: “I started ‘Worried about your Child?’ because I’ve noticed that during this corona crisis, parents are reluctant to take their children to their GP or to the hospital, but they do often have questions. Questions that really cannot wait, and for which parents don’t know whether there will be longer term consequences. We can help them with that.”

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Child physiotherapist Wendy-Scholtes-Bos

Wendy Scholtes-Bos is an experienced child physiotherapist. She has her own practice in Westland, founded “Sportkanjers Westland” and works on various innovative projects within pediatric physiotherapy. As co-initiator of ‘Worried about your Child’, Wendy’s interest is in improving accessibility in healthcare. Wendy:  “Especially in today’s times, people should have access to healthcare for their child, where they can feel free to ask questions.”

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Physician epidemiologist Dr. Jacqueline Timmermans

Dr.  Jacqueline Timmermans is a physician and founder of Hikos. As co-initiator of ‘Worried about your Child?”, Jacqueline’s interest lies in wanting to offer parents a sparring partner who has an understanding of the healthcare landscape. Being easily able to discuss health concerns with an expert can sometimes lower anxiety. Jacqueline: “We want to be supportive, personal and accessible. For all parents and children.”

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