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Cookie Policy

This cookie policy describes how Hikos BV uses cookies on this website We explain which cookies we use for what purpose and how you can disable them if desired.

From time to time, we may adjust this Cookie Policy, for example, when we add additional cookies. We will actively inform you of substantial changes via the Cookie Banner on our website.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that can be placed on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other device with access to the internet (“device”). These cookies can be created and read by web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

In addition to cookies, there are also comparable techniques such as web beacons (also called “tags), HTML5 Local Storage and Local Shared Objects (LSOs, also called “flash cookies”), and embedded scripts (also called “Javascripts”). No such comparable techniques are used on this website.

2. What are cookies used for?

After a cookie has been created, your device can be recognized as long as you are using the same browser and the cookie has not been deleted. This makes it possible, for example, to “click back” to the previously visited web page. Cookies can also be used to analyze the surfing behavior of website visitors.

3. How long do cookies last?

How long a cookie lasts depends on its validity period and on whether you take any action to delete it.

Standard validity period
After the standard validity period of a cookie has expired, it is automatically deleted. The standard validity period varies per cookie. For example, some cookies are only valid for the duration of the browser session. Other cookies remain valid for longer, so that your device will still be recognized during a subsequent visit to the same website from within a new browser session.

Refusal, deletion or adjustment of cookies
Via your browser settings, you can indicate your cookie preferences and choose which cookies you accept. Your available choices are different for each browser. For more information on how to delete cookies and adjust your cookie settings, please see the Consumers Association (Consumentenbond) website. (Another guide to cookie settings in English can be found on the website.) Refusing certain cookies can lead to reduced functionality of our website.

4. Which cookies do we use and for what purpose?

We use the cookies listed below on this website for which no permission is required. If these cookies are placed by a party other than Hikos BV, this third party can also recognize your device. Cookies placed by other parties are called “third-party” cookies.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies are cookies that are necessary for the proper display of and navigation through our website. More precisely, these are cookies: (i) that are necessary to carry out the electronic communication, or (ii) that are strictly necessary for a service requested by the user.

Analytics cookies
Analytics cookies are used to track and analyze the use of a website in order to improve its quality and effectiveness. We also use analytical cookies for marketing purposes. In order to keep the privacy impact as limited as possible, we have adjusted the settings for Google Analytics as much as possible in line with the recommendations of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. However, Google Ads is linked to Google Analytics. This means that we can track the entire customer cycle. For example, we can see how customers respond to marketing activities.

In the overview below you can see exactly which cookies we use and for what purpose.

[The overview will be shown as soon as possible]

5. Where can I go with questions?

If you have any questions or comments about cookie use by our website, you can contact us at [email protected].