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What to do if I have a complaint? - Hikos

What do I do if I have a complaint?

The people behind Hikos are all committed to providing the best possible service. However, we realize that the possibility exists that a patient may not be satisfied with the care we provide. For example, a patient might have a complaint about the manner in which he or she has been treated. Or, there were prior expectations about the care we offer and things turned out differently. We advise our patients not to simply carry on in such a situation, but to register their complaints. On this page we will explain the process.

We differentiate between informal complaint handling and complaint mediation/handling by a complaint officer.

Informal complaint handling

You report and discuss the complaint with the person to whom the complaint relates, or to his or her supervisor. It can be useful to keep the following in mind:

  • Report the complaint as quickly as possible;
  • when you think it will take longer to handle than a short conversation, request a meeting: try to put the complaint on paper, ahead of time, in as concise a manner as possible and submit that to us;
  • think about what you would like to achieve with the conversation;
  • you can always bring someone along for support.

By talking and listening to one other, we hope to quickly come to a solution.

Complaint mediation/handling by the complaint officer

Are you not satisfied with the outcome of the informal complaint handling procedure, or do you prefer to skip that step? In that case, you can register your complaint by telephone or in writing to the Hikos complaints officer.

The complaint officer can mediate your complaint in a very accessible and informal manner.

The complaint officer can be reached at the following address:
CBKZ (To the attention of: Complaints officer Hikos)
Antwoordnummer 570, 4200 WB Gorinchem
Tel. 0183-682829
E-mail: [email protected]


There are no costs associated with handling your complaint. However, you may incur costs for third party assistance and advice that you may independently engage.  

Want to know more?

This information answers the important questions surrounding your complaint options. For more detailed explanation, we refer you to our complaint regulations (in Dutch). You can request a copy of these regulations from us free of charge.

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