Hikos accompanies you on your healthcare journey

Hikos is here to make specialist medical knowledge accessible to everyone and offer a safe place to ask questions outside the consultation room, in order to help better prepare you for your next appointment.

Curious about the doctors behind Hikos and why they participate?

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Hallmarks of Hikos


Always available and flexible

We are easily accessible by telephone and e-mail. When you schedule an appointment with us, you choose a date and time yourself. This can also be on weekends or in the evenings.

Advies op maat

Tailored advice

Everyone can use our services. It doesn’t matter where you are insured.



To guarantee independence, we will never advise just one medical specialist or hospital, but always two or more.

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Our vision

An ever growing group of patients want to take a more active role in deciding (together with their doctor) about about their course of treatment. When people develop health complaints, they eventually end up in the healthcare community: an increasingly complex maze. Patients are becoming more critical, and are more eager to understand exactly what is happening and what treatment options are available. Patients increasingly expect a personal approach from the healthcare system. Due to the pressure on the healthcare system as a whole, these expectations cannot always be satisfied.


Our mission

It is our mission to empower patients to better direct their own medical journey though the healthcare maze (patient empowerment), by helping them become better informed. We do this by offering patients the opportunity to exchange ideas with a medical specialist. This feels like a good conversation with a friend who also happens to be a medical specialist, and therefore knows what he or she is talking about. Our goal is for patients to feel more in control, to be able to make better medical choices, and as a result to be more engaged in their eventual treatment.

The Hikos team

Hikos was founded by Jacqueline Timmermans, a doctor and patient herself. In 2017 during her pregnancy, she was suddenly confronted with a medical problem. More than ever, she realized how easy it is to get lost in the healthcare world, and the overwhelming amount of information that is available online. So arose the idea for Hikos: a service making very accessible (digital) discussion with a medical specialist available to just about anyone. With the emphasis on easily accessible, as if the specialist were your neighbor.

Jacqueline Timmermans

Theo Tacke is a neurologist specialized in neurological pain syndromes, headaches/migraines and sleep problems. "I find it important that patients are well informed about their (suspected) neurological disorders and the associated treatment options. I feel I can best help them by way of personal contact."

Theo Tacke, neuroloog

Kim Meeuwis is a dermatologist, specialized in skin disorders in the genital area. She sees many patients with genital skin diseases such as psoriasis, lichen sclerosus, eczema or infectious diseases.Kim enthousiastically contributes to patient empowerment via Hikos: She finds it very important to provide easily accessible consultation to help patients share in decision-making.

Kim meeuwis zwart wit
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