Frequently asked questions


When someone has a medical problem, they often look first in their immediate network of friends and family for help and advice. But not everyone has an extensive personal network that includes medical experts with the right experience. This is what we’d like to offer you. This feels like a good conversation with a friend who also happens to be a medical specialist, and therefore knows what he or she is talking about. We want patients to feel more in control, to be able to make better medical choices, and as a result to be more engaged in their eventual treatment.

Hikos is always available, for everyone. Moreover, we offer a flexible service where you choose how and when you’d like to have an appointment with one of our specialists. Our doctors provide you with advice that is precisely tailored to your situation. If you are looking for the right specialist in the right hospital, we will give you the best options. Always at least two, so that independence is guaranteed.

It is not yet possible to request a second opinion with our service. At Hikos, we coach you through your treatment process and support you along the way. In the future, we may be able to offer second opinions. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

You will be invited to participate in a video call. If you would rather have a telephone appointment, please let us know. The Hikos specialist will call you from a private (anonymous) number.

We are required by law to keep a medical file. And if there is a subsequent consultation, it is also important that the specialist can review what was discussed in an earlier consultation.

The fact that no physical examination can be done is not necessarily a limitation. In many cases, no physical examination is necessary.  Based on the information you provide in the consultation, the questionnaire you filled out ahead of time, and any letters from your doctor, our specialist usually has enough information to be able to think along with you and offer advice.

A meeting with a Hikos specialist lasts a maximum of 20 minutes.

If you are not satisfied, we would prefer to hear directly from you, so we can try to work it out together. The complaint procedure is more extensively outlined in the General Terms and Conditions.

About the Hikos specialists

You will get the specialist (medical specialist or pediatric physiotherapist) on the telephone with whom you have scheduled an appointment. We make sure all of our specialists have the correct registrations and certifications.

In some cases you are confident which specialist you need. If you’re not sure, then check this page. If that doesn’t help and you are not sure whether we have a specialist who can help you, please contact us. We’ll see how we can help you further.

Yes, that’s possible. It is best to contact us so that we can schedule an appointment with the same specialist. In the future, we hope to make it possible for you to schedule this yourself online.

We continue to add specialties to our offering. If you register for the newsletter, we will keep you apprised of new specialties as we add them. You can also keep an eye on our website.


Hikos is committed to protecting your privacy and all your personal data. See our Privacy Statement for more details.

Prices and payment

A virtual appointment with a medical specialist costs 69 euros.

We currently have no contracts with health insurers. We hope in the future to have these contracts so that you’ll have the possibility of having these appointments reimbursed.

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Which specialist are you looking for?

On the page you will find an overview of all specialties affiliated with Hikos. For each health complaint, you’ll see which is the appropriate specialty. If that doesn’t help and you are not sure whether we have a specialist who can help you, please contact us.