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Hoe maakt u een goede medische keuze?

How to make a good medical choice?

In our previous article we discussed the importance of shared decision making when making a medical choice. By sharing in the decision, you can help make the right decision and one that suits you. But how do you ensure that you are making a good choice? In this article we offer 5 tips to help you.


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1. Ask questions

Most important: ask as many questions as possible. During your appointment with your doctor, don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how simple they seem! It’s also a good idea ahead of time to think about what you’d like to get out of the appointment and what information you need. This will help avoid leaving the appointment with unanswered questions.

2. Gather information, but use trustworthy sources

In order to make a good, well-informed choice it is important to gather as much relevant information as possible. There are often different viewpoints and options in any medical situation so it is important to consider all of them. Pay attention to the reliability of the sources. There are many medical forums where people share there experiences, but these are often unreliable and the medical information that is shared on these sites is often unsubstantiated. So, check any information that you find with a medical specialist to avoid that you include inaccurate information in your decision process.

3. Weigh the pros and cons

Once you’ve collected the information, it’s helpful to list the advantages and disadvantages of each option side by side. You can take both practical as well as emotional factors into consideration. Write down everything that plays a role in your decision process. In order to weigh the pros and cons against each other, it can be helpful to assign a weight to each. For example, circle the items that are most important to you. It’s not just about the quantity, but also about he quality of each pro and con.

4. Trust the facts and figures as well as your gut feeling

When making a medical choice it is important to consider both the factual information as well as your feelings. It is best to find a balance between the facts and figures on the one hand, and your feelings and emotions on the other. We often fall into the trap of giving too mucy weight to information that supports the direction we are already leaning. Even though it can be difficult, it is important to also consider information that doesn’t align with your preconceived feelings. This helps you arrive at a more balanced decision where both facts and figures as well as your gut feelings are taken into account.

5. Take your time

And finally, take your time! A medical choice is an important decision, so don’t take it too lightly. Take the time necessary to reach a decision that feels right for you. Stay in contact with your healthcare provider and loved ones. You are not alone!

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