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Fast personal advice to satisfy your healthcare needs

The Hikos medical specialists can help you navigate the complex Dutch healthcare system. They offer guidance and extra explanation for your visits to your general practitioner or other medical specialists. They are available daily to think along with you outside the consultation room.

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Virtual consultation with a medical specialist

During a 20 minute virtual appointment (video call)  you can discuss all your questions with the right specialist. This way you are better prepared for your next appointment with your own specialist or general practitioner. You feel more confident, have more control and are better able to make informed decisions about your medical choices.

Do you have supplemental health insurance with Zilveren Kruis, Interpolis, FBTO or ProLife? If so, your consultation will be reimbursed. If you are insured elsewhere: please contact us for the costs.

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These specialists are ready to help you

The following specialties are currently part of the Hikos network:

  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Gynaecology
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • Urology

How can Hikos assist you?

Second opinion light

You have multiple treatment options and are unsure which course to take, or you’d like more explanation from someone other than your own doctor about your diagnosis. Hikos offers a “second opinion light” in these situations. This is comparable to a second opinion, but with the important distinction that we don’t do any physical examination or testing. This is often unnecessary; many patients can be helped by a consultation with an independent physician. The Hikos doctor thinks along with you.

Misunderstood complaint

You have a complaint and have been in the hospital for further investigation. The doctor hasn’t been able to come up with a diagnosis and has referred you back to your GP. Or, there is a diagnosis, but there is no appropriate treatment. You are at an impasse and would like to talk about it. In this situation, the Hikos specialist takes you by the hand and discusses with you what has led to the present situation, where you now stand, and what options may be available for you.

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Ask Marloe!

If you need assistance, or have any questions, our nurse Marloe is ready to help!

This is what Hikos customers are saying

"I recommend Hikos to everyone! It was great to be able to ask someone all my questions. Very accessible and professional. I have now really made progress and I know what I can discuss with the specialist in order to make the right choice."

“Making the appointment went smoothly and was possible in the short term. I was able to consult with a pleasant and compassionate doctor. She helped me think about where I can best go with a very specific problem. That gave me the confidence that I was in the right place for my medical needs."

"After months of complaints and following a conservative treatment that did not produce the desired result, I searched the internet for information. What I encountered was often incomplete or contradictory information. That is why I was so happy with an insightful conversation with the [Hikos] medical specialist about the pros and cons of treatment with medicines or surgery. Efficient and pleasant."

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“After speaking with the doctor for 10 minutes and sending a photo, we could then enjoy the weekend with some peace of mind. If I'd had to wait for my appointment in the hospital, another 6 weeks would have gone by."

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“Now I know which doctors specialize in my very specific problem. So we were immediately in the right place."

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